Unimax showing the automotive e-technology strength in APPEX, USA

Unimax showing the automotive e-technology strength in APPEX, USA

AAPEX 2017, Automobile Aftermarket Products Expo, took place in Sands Expo 7& Convention Center on October 31st in Las Vegas. With TAITRA’s invitation, Unimax of ASUS GROUP went to APPEX and display the cutting-edge smart automotive electronic products in Taiwan Excellence, not only promoting UNIMAX’s R&D results, but also expanding its oversea business opportunities.



The United States has a very high car penetration rate and a mature automobile market in the world. At the same time, AAPEX is the largest professional automotive aftermarket parts exhibition in North America. TAITRA sees the opportunity to work with Taiwanese manufacturers to jointly display Taiwan’s automotive technology products, and set up the Taiwan Excellence. The stand showcases the most competitive automotive products in Taiwan with the participation of UNIMAX.


Taiwan Excellence in USA APPEX

In the expo venue, Project Manager Kang mentioned that UNIMAX is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ASUS. With ten years of its establishment, it has fruitful R&D results together with solid industrial knowledge, as well as depot cooperation experience. Today, the latest product shown in the scene is the interconnected intelligent automobiles that can support mobile phone image control so that all the APPs and GPS used by the driver in the mobile phone can be integrated with gesture control, fatigue detection, head-up display, blind spot detection, OBD2 …. and other smart automotive e-devices. The data can be collected and uploaded them into the cloud for big data computation, forming the networking architecture of automobiles. Such product is the technological crystallite of software and hardware integration, gaining much of the attention of the visitors.


Product explanation in APPEX

At the same time, Q3 fast charge was displayed on the scene, which has the built-in smart chip to protect the car charger; with car networking architecture, accident notification can be immediately sent to the rescue center, and the car data collection can be uploaded to the cloud for big data computation in the DVR. Here, UNIMAX’s smart automotive e-technology strength can certainly be displayed.

Lastly, ASUS Unimax’s General Manager Mr. Chien indicated that the company is committed to the expansion of oversea market and has been actively joining in domestic and foreign expositions, hoping to proactively market the Taiwanese automotive e-market and products. This can enhance the international visibility of the automotive electronics market of our country and expand the international market.

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