Following in the footsteps of Apple – UniMax applies wireless charging to everyday driving

Following in the footsteps of Apple – UniMax applies wireless charging to everyday driving

In light of the emergence of the wireless charging trend after the launch of iPhone, UniMax, a subsidiary of ASUS Group, also unveiled a collection of Qi wireless chargers (ranging from 5-9W) for Apple, Samsung cell phones and tablets. The chargers featuring large-area charging, multiple safety protection measures and high-tech integration and application have been used by major automakers onboard their vehicles.

With the increase in the number of electronic products, modern lives are inundated with tangling, annoying cables; various smart phone manufacturers have incorporated wireless charging technology into their products. In September 2017, Apple unveiled 3 wireless charging enabled cell phones, allowing wireless charging technology to gain unprecedented popularity.

UniMax wireless car charger

In light of this trend, UniMax, a subsidiary of ASUS Group specializing in automotive electronics, launched a wireless car charger utilizing WPC Qi wireless charging standards, supporting Qi wireless charging of cell phones and tablets (5-9W) – including Apple’s iPhone 8 and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 – to meet the public’s wireless charging needs.

In addition, UniMax has also developed 3-coil charging technology, which offers 5.25 times more charging area compared to traditional single-coil chargers. It is equipped with FOB detection to prevent risks caused by common metals found inside the car such as coins and keys. Furthermore, the product does not interfere with the car’s keyless entry system, preventing interference when starting the car, thus it is compatible with the car manufacturer’s keyless design. At the same time, the product’s multiple safety protection measures include the use of materials and designs stipulated by the car manufacturer, allowing the safe, seamless integration of wireless charging into the driving lifestyle of people.

Not only does the product safely support a wide range of devices, UniMax also integrated advanced technologies such as CAN bus and NFC connection/identification to the wireless charger, where the charging status can be displayed on the instrument or the onboard car display through CAN bus, allowing the driver to monitor the charging status effortlessly while driving. NFC connection and identification allows the user to connect the cell phone to the onboard car display via BT, while the cell phone’s IMEI is used to identify the driver, initiate wireless charging or personalized car configurations, elevating the high quality, safe wireless charger to the level of advanced intelligence.

By fulfilling wireless charging needs whilst driving and looking after driving safety, coupled with expanded charging area and the application of integrated, sophisticated technology, UniMax’s wireless chargers are already used by major automakers in their vehicles, with the aim of endowing users with brand new driving experiences. Meanwhile, UniMax is committed to developing the overseas wireless charger market by proactively participating in domestic and international expos, hoping to market Taiwan’s automotive electronics industry and products, in turn boosting its international visibility and market share.

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